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Candles play a very important role in Jewish observance. The ritual lighting of a pair of tall and stately candles, together with the recitation of a special prayer by the lady of the house, ushers in Shabbat and holidays. Some women have the custom to light an additional candle for each child in the family. The end of Shabbat is marked by the Havdalah ceremony, featuring a most unusual candle – one with multiple wicks, in accordance with the blessing, β€œHe who created the illuminations (plural) of fire.” These havdalah candles can be very colorful and attractive. Of course, another season in Jewish life when candles are very much at the forefront is the beloved holiday of Hanukkah, at which time candles in a decorative Hanukkiah are lit every night for eight nights, increasing in number from one to eight, to commemorate the victory of the ancient Maccabees. Birthdays are an important life cycle event for Jewish children of all ages, and once again, bright candles symbolize the happiness of the occasion.