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Add to the spiritual beauty of performing mitzvot with these very special religious items. Gorgeous tzedakah boxes will make a striking statement to all who may behold that you place the mitzvah of charity at the center of your home. There is even a sweet break resistant tzedakah box for kids, charmingly patterned with alef-bet balloons, to help instill treasured Jewish values in your children from a tender age. Wash cups fashioned from metal with artistic modern patterns or acrylic adorned with delicate flowers will enable you to wash your hands in high style, whether upon first arising or before breaking bread. After a meal, using one of the selection of lovely mayim acharonim sets designed from metal, ceramic or porcelain will enhance the time honored custom of washing one’s fingertips prior to reciting the Birkat HaMazon (Blessing after Meals). For that perfect finishing touch, you will even find Jewish themed hand towels to go with either the wash cups or the mayim acharonim sets. These make a wonderful present for the host or hostess who has everything.