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Return policy





If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or the quality of the product, some items may be returned.


With special orders or items with engraving or embroidery on, return within 14 days from the time of receipt of the parcel without any questions asked!


(Although we will not ask questions we would greatly appreciate if you would provide us with the reasons for return of the product. We constantly strive to improve our production line and service, and this information will help us to offer a better service to customers in the future.)


We hope that you will never need to return items.


If nevertheless you do choose to return items, our returns policy is as follows.



How To Return Orders:

1.         If you would like to return an item, contact us by fax on 972-153-3-9074327 or by

             e-mail   at  info@judaica-shops.com to request a Purchase Returns document


            After receiving this Returns document, you can send the item back to us.


            As soon as we receive the item we will credit your account within 5 – 10  

            days of   receiving the item, excluding   the delivery charge


2.        We suggest that you send the parcel securely with registered mail in order to be able

            to trace the item.

3.       Send the parcel to:


          18/1 Bartenura St