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Mazel tov! Mazel tov! Tefillin (phylacteries) are the classic emblem of Jewish manhood. When a boy becomes a bar mitzvah at age thirteen, he begins putting on tefillin at the morning prayer service, among much ceremony and rejoicing on the part of his loved ones; often the first tefillin laying is celebrated at the Western Wall, the most sacred site in the world for all Jews. Choose a pair of these tefillin, according to your family’s time honored custom, to give your own bar mitzvah boy a great head start on the path of spiritual maturity. Of course, men of any age will appreciate the quality and kashrut of all elements of these tefillin: the exterior battim (boxes), made of your choice of various grades of ox leather, the hand crafted straps and the kosher certified parchments within. Transport your tefillin in high style with an assortment of holders – either the traditional embroidered fabric bags or, for soldiers or travelers, lightweight protective containers with shoulder strap, together with a compass and the Traveler’s Prayer in Hebrew.