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Say it loud, you’re Jewish and proud. Nothing proclaims your Jewish identity to the world quite like a kippah (yarmulke) on your head. Since ancient times, Jews have traditionally worn head coverings in deference to the One Above, especially during prayer time. The wide selection of handsome, good quality kippahs offered here will give you the opportunity to pick and choose your own personal style. Whether you are the sporty type or more formal, showy or subdued, there is a kippah in stock for you. You may want to purchase several, to match your different moods and types of clothing, or in order to reserve a particularly dashing kippah for use on Shabbat and holidays only. Matching kippahs can be used to help color coordinate the outfits of the male members of a wedding party or bar mitzvah celebration. Natural materials and a variety of sizes add comfort to the stylish looks of these kippahs. Of course, the younger generation is not left out of the picture here, with colorful, charming children’s kippahs that are lots of fun to wear.