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Enhance your devotional experience with a striking tallit, rich in quality and Jewish tradition. Choose the style that suits your custom from an extensive selection of artistic, modern and traditional tallits. Luxurious, breathable pure natural wool or wild silk fabrics add to the beauty of these prayer shawls. All are available in a choice of colors. The artistic tallits, crafted in the famous Rikmat Elimelech workshop in the north of Israel, are embellished with rich embroidery or jewel toned appliqués in Jewish themes. From Talitania, a company known as the gold standard for tallit production, both the modern and the traditional tallits come complete with tzitzit and are stringently kosher certified. To keep your tallit conveniently in place while you concentrate on the liturgy, all types can be worn with tallit clips, available in an assortment of attractive Judaica themes. A wide array of distinctively embroidered bags, some with matching tefillin bags for weekday use, provide for dignified storage and enable you to distinguish your tallit from your neighbor’s at a glance.