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Gold and precious stones have always played an important role in Jewish tradition, whether as ritual objects such as the High Priest’s multi jeweled breastplate and the elaborately crafted golden menorah of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, or in the form of beautiful jewelry worn to honor Shabbat and holidays. Jewelry from Israel is, of course, especially meaningful; the perfect example is a Star of David made of gold or silver – or perhaps a delicate chain necklace with its owner’s Hebrew or English name spelled out in artistic script. Ornaments such as rings and pendants intricately carved from olive wood also serve as treasured mementos of the Holy Land. Other distinctively Jewish jewelry may be inscribed with favorite prayers or passages from sacred texts. Amulets offering the wearer protection, abundance, longevity and all manner of good wishes may also be incorporated into jewelry. There is an interesting Jewish custom at the ceremony for redeeming a first born son: all the women guests present adorn the small star of the show with their finest pure gold jewelry.