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The crowning touch for the doorpost of any Jewish home, these mezuzahs come in a wide range of styles to suit every décor. Remember that the most important feature of a mezuzah is the parchment it holds, which must be made out of the skin of a kosher animal and hand inscribed with the requisite Torah verses using a kosher quill. Select from among the strictly kosher mezuzah parchments here to pick the type that conforms to your own religious tradition. Then set your imagination free as you peruse artistic mezuzah cases of every color and design, from starkly modern to delicately lovely, in your choice of materials – wood, ceramic, metal or glass. Lovingly crafted to enhance your home, these mezuzahs are pleasing to both the eye and the soul. (Be sure to choose a size that will accommodate your mezuzah parchment.) Notable among the wide assortment are whimsical kids’ mezuzahs and attractive sets combining a colorful mezuzah case with a matching hamsa for extra blessing – a fantastic birthday or house warming gift!