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Frequently Asked Questions




Q. Where are we situated?

A. ‘judaica-shops’ is situated in Israel in the City of Elad.

Q. Is the website secure for purchases?

A. When you surf the ‘judaica-shops’ website, you can be relaxed knowing that your personal details are safe with us. We invested great effort in designing a secure website that is protected by an advanced data security and privacy protection system. In our website, various security mediums are activated that operate on a technological basis of identification, verification, encoding and ciphering - one of the most advanced systems in the world. So you can surf, order products and give over your personal information in full confidence.

Q. Are the details of credit cards saved on the website?

A. Once the sum has been deducted from the card, the details of the card are automatically erased.

Q. What is the policy concerning returning products?

A. Click Here

Q. How do I know when my order has been received, packed and sent off?

A. After the purchase you can check the ‘My Account tab at any time, to see the status of your order.

Q. What should I do if I receive faulty merchandise or if I want to return a product I received?

A. Please read the ‘Returning Products’ policy.

Q. At which point am I committing myself to the order?

A. You are committed from the moment the merchandise is sent out.

Q. What is the preparation time for delivery, from the initial order until it goes out for delivery?

A. Most of the orders go out within 3 business days unless indicated otherwise. In ‘judaica-shops’ generally all products are in stock, however it can be that certain items will be out of stock. In such a case, the website reserves the right to let you know that the item is out of stock. We will inform you when we intend to restock the product, and we’ll ask you if you would like to wait.

Q. Do the prices include import tax?

A. Because every country has different tax laws we suggest that for more information, you should clarify the issue in your country.

Q. Are all the products on the website Kosher?

A. All the religious articles such as Tallit, Tefillin, Mezuzot, etc. come with a Kashruth certification.

Q. Are all the products on the website new?

A. All the products on the website are new and come closed in their original packaging.