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Tefillin Gassot - Ari

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Tefillin Gassot - Ari’s Version (Hassidic)

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Tefillin Gassot - Ari

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Made of coarse animal skins. These Battim (Tefillin boxes) are made of thick oxen leather, (hence the name ‘Battim from course-skinned animals’). Because of the thickness of the leather, they keep their form for a longer time than Tefillin made of thin leather and are therefore superior. The process of molding the leather into Battim involves the use of pressure plates of up to 25-tons, which produces a firmer square shape and is an extra ‘Hiddur’ (aspect of superiority). Certification is included showing that the Tefillin have undergone a computer check; also included is an approval from a reliable proof-reader as to the Kashruth of the Parshiyot. Guaranty attached. Tefillin come complete with Parshiyot, Battim and hand-crafted Straps. Size: 1.33`` X 1.33`` 3.4 X 3.4 cm *If you are a Right-Handed you wear the tefillin on the left arm. *If you are a Left-Handed you wear the tefillin on the right arm.

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